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The absolute best.

Arm yourself with ammunition that has been specially designed for tactical situations, from a legendary company that understands bullet design and ballistic physics better than anyone else in the world – Hornady®.
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    Options that expand reliably in close-range and self-defense situations as well as those that provide barrier performance.

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    Hornady® TAP® Rifle loads offer reliable functioning, low muzzle signature and superior terminal performance.

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    Reliable function, consistent performance and tighter patterns without modification to the shotgun.

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Ballistic Calculator

Our standard and 4DOF® ballistic calculators include both basic and advanced features, allowing you to customize the shooting conditions to replicate your environment.

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Download the free Hornady® Ballistic Calculator with 4DOF® at hornady.com/4dof and the App Store or Google Play.

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TAP Application Guide

Get an in-depth look at our law enforcement/military ammunition. This Application Guide contains a variety of detailed ballistic information, performance photographs, specifications, test results, and more.

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Product Catalog

Download, view online, or request a copy of our most recent catalog packed with information you need to make informed ammunition selections.

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Ballistics Demonstrations
Learn invaluable tips, lessons and insights on Hornady ammunition.

These straightforward, comprehensive demonstrations include classroom discussion on internal and external ballistics and gelatin demonstrations showing the terminal velocity of various ammunition.

Whether a beginner or an experienced officer, anyone willing to listen and learn will pick up invaluable tips, lessons and insights that could potentially save lives on the street.

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